Ten Tips on How to Start The New Year Off Right

Here are some tips you can follow to start the new year off right!

1) Make a 2017 Year-end Review.

happy new year 2018Evaluate the life you lived for the year. Be honest with yourself. Determine whether you have accomplished the goals you set for this year or how much progress you were able to make. Did you procrastinate or hustle hard? If you were able to achieve your goal, reward yourself! It would be easier to set and achieve goals for the approaching year. Otherwise, you can still celebrate for your progress. List down the things that work and did not work. Learn from the mistakes that you have made. Now is the chance to pull a better plan and make it happen. Be inspired of what you have achieved, avoid the errors, and repeat what contributed to your success this year.

2) Take a Break or go on a vacation.

After a year of hardwork at work or in school, you well deserve a break. Vacations are good for your health. It helps reduce stress, increase productivity, improves mental health and relationships. Go on a vacation with your family and loved ones and have fun. Seize the moment of joy and laughter at the beach or the summit or enjoy a picnic. You can go back to work or your class with boosted energy and a refreshed mind.

3) Declutter.

Let go of your old clothes, books, and other stuff that you are no longer using. Marie Kondo says, thank them as they have served their purpose and keep only those that spark joy. Declutter your home by donating, selling pre-loved items online, or putting up a garage sale. Not only you have tidied up, you also have provided to those who need it more.

set goals

4) Set clear goals aka bucket list.

Write down what you want to achieve, long-term, short-term goals. Or create a vision board of your bucket list. Whether it’s personal goal, professional, relationship or financial you have to be specific. Remember, SMART? Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. For example, don’t just say you want a car. Identify what model and specs, how much is the cost, how you are going to use it–is it just for city use, for long drive, a sports car or for business use, and when you are going to buy it. There is a good chance of achieving a goal when it is clear in your mind better if you have a physical reminder like a vision board or a planner. You can see yourself smiling crossing out an item from your bucket list one-by-one.

5) Build new habits.

And replace the old ones. It is true that kicking old habits is hard and  building new ones take time. Be patient with yourself in establishing new habits. Identify the unhelpful habits and replace with good ones. We present ourselves with our habits. Keeping bad habits can also keep us from being our best. Know that your habits may affect how other people perceive you. Imagine if someone in front of you has a habit of nail-biting while you are eating, annoying right? If we want to attract and be with people with good habits, we should have good habits as well. Here are some winning habits for success.

6) Invest in yourself and your future.

money, time and a homeDo things that your future self will thank you for. Lay good foundations for your dreams. If you dream of having your own house or business in the future, start building your funds now. You can have a separate savings account or investment dedicated to building your home or business. Track your spending habits and save also for the rainy days. Acquire new skills that can help you get promoted at work and earn more. Attend seminars, listen to podcasts and take online classes you are passionate about and  make yourself more valuable by employing what you learn. Learn more so that you can become more.

7) Pursue that balik-alindog program

Enroll yourself to a gym membership or keep a fitness routine that you can do indoor. There are available fitness routines you can check on Youtube. Run and burn calories, join biggest loser challenge or Zumba classes, cut the carbs and have a balanced-diet. Read real life stories of people who successfully lost weight for tips and inspiration.

8) Improve your personal environment.

Our home, workstation or room can impact our well-being. Design a pleasing and inspiring environment. Good lighting and right paint color can help boost our mood or make us feel relax. Fix up your home, repaint walls, change curtains or re-arrange your living room furniture. You can also buy some new items like pillows or picture frames.

9) Start loving yourself more.

Sometimes we put so much on our plate and forget about ourselves. Make yourself a priority and have a healthy mind, body, and soul. Take care of yourself more by exercising, adjusting to a better lifestyle, quit smoking, get enough sleep, read or meditate, eat nutritious food and go a massage parlor even once in a while. Have yourself scheduled an appointment with your dentist and/or physician. You can also get yourself a new set of make-up, have a haircut or totally a new hairstyle, and buy some new clothes. Do more of what you love and what makes you happy. 🙂


The last but definitely not the least, BE GRATEFUL. No matter how much you gained or lost this year, BE GRATEFUL. To those who failed or think that they have lost, this is the year to make things better. BE GRATEFUL. To those who won this year–those who feel like “Mission Accomplished!”, whose list on bucket list have been crossed out, and finished the 52-week challenge, Congratulations and move onto the next goals!

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