COVID 19 Pandemic Life Lessons

lockdown due to corona virus

What the world is experiencing right now is surprising. All of a sudden, things change. During quarantine, we learn some lessons for life as follows:

Have a heart of compassion. Many are distressed right now brought by the COVID 19 pandemic. Many businesses have closed down and workers lost their jobs. The frontliners bravely continue their work to serve the patients and citizens. Many lost the battle and still, a lot have been confirmed positive for the coronavirus. Do not discriminate the frontliners and the patients. Instead, show them compassion and support to overcome this battle. Little encouraging words, prayers, and an amount of money will be valuable. Don’t be stubborn and follow the order of the government to help contain the virus.  Wear a mask, observe social distancing, and sanitize to protect yourself and others too.

The importance of saving money. If only you save money instead of wasting your hard-earned salary impressing your enemies and keeping up with your friends, you have something to pull from my pocket during these hard times. You have been there and have done that. Realize that you have wasted your money on things that did not matter. Now you learned that you could live according to what we have, simply and content. Not only the poor are affected by this pandemic, all of us, businesses, and economies all over the world. Blessed if you still have your job right now, don’t overspend and save the extra. Who knows the future days will be harder, hope not, though. Never again waste your money on the nonsense.

Take care of your body and health. Hopefully, you have lessened if not stopped eating junk food. Yeah, junk the junk. Aside from unhealthy eating habits, consuming more than what your body needs is not also good for your body. A healthy diet, fruits and veggies, vitamins, and sound sleep is essential in strengthening your immune system to help fight the coronavirus. If you have underlying conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illness, plus if you are a senior citizen, you are more at risk of getting the virus. Better stay at home.

Try something new. Having more time at home is having the opportunity to rediscover yourself. It’s time to do your hobbies or try new things. You might have a dream that you have abandoned because you don’t have the time. Now, that you are home, start burning that dream alive, and use your hands. Who knows the time you got now will help you develop that skill. How about you try to do yoga and meditate? You can still be despite what’s happening around us. Lock your room, read the Bible, remember the things that make you smile, and the events that matter in your life. It is easy to succumb to the stress and negative thoughts that the coronavirus is causing us. Having a strong faith, keeping our emotions in check, and being busy and making use of what you have will help you to become stronger and to continue moving forward with your precious life.

Be grateful. Thank God for the food on your table, no matter the price, as others have no food to eat at all. During the pandemic is not the time to complain that you cannot eat at your favorite restaurant or not being able to travel and have a great time. The risk of getting the virus is higher when you go outside and interact with people that might have the COVID-19. Being with your family and being alive and kicking after months of lockdown is a great gift. Don’t take it for granted.


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