Can you imagine life without art? That seems dull, dark, sad, frightening… There is absolutely no life at all!

Art Manila is a collection of various artworks online in Manila and in other parts of the globe which features contemporary art, digital art, arts and crafts, culture, gallery and events, music, modern art, architecture, painting, home art and a lot more.

Let us also include the other styles of art—writing, traveling, teaching, reading and the like, because life is art!

There is great power in art. This is a great source of creativity and inspiration for every artist’s work. It may be a strong emotion of love and sorrow, a great experience that leads them to an artistic idea, and a release of inner creativity.

Do you already love art? Probably yes, because it is the reason why you landed on this site and I am glad that we are of the same interest.

You can help us paint the world with art and make it more beautiful. If you have any cool art ideas or works that you would like to discuss, share them on this site and please feel free to contact artmanilaph@gmail.com.

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